1. Building Ruby with OpenSSL 1.1 in Arch Linux


    Example of building Ruby >= 2.4.x against OpenSSL 1.1 in Arch Linux with RVM.

  2. Let's Encrypt ACME with HAProxy


    Using HAProxy to route Let's Encrypt HTTP challenges in standalone mode.

  3. Overriding Puppet Resources


    Examples of overriding Puppet resources using resource collectors.

  4. Remote Terraform State File with Locking using AWS


    No-nonsense example of using a remote Terraform state file with locking using AWS S3 and DynamoDB.

  5. Running Puppet 7 on ARM


    A few tricks to get the Puppet 7 open source agent running on Raspberry Pi OS (armhf/armv7).

  6. Setting Grafana User Roles with Keycloak


    Setting Grafana user roles in Keycloak IAM for use when authenticating with OAuth.

  7. Running systemd Docker containers in Arch Linux

    arch linux

    Run Docker containers using the systemd init system on hosts running Arch Linux.

  8. MODX Manager Preview Logouts and Varnish


    Varnish rule to prevent caching Manager requests

  9. Finding Missing Fonts in GIMP (XCF)


    How to find a missing font in a GIMP XCF file.

  10. GNOME 3 Shell YouTube Search Provider


    YouTube search support for GNOME 3

  11. PyGTK Tutorial – Advanced functionality of EggTrayIcon


    Advanced functionality of EggTrayIcon in Python.

  12. Removing User Names from Ubuntu (9.10+) GDM Login Screen


    If you have lots of users on your Linux system, or are looking for added local security, you might want to remove the user list from the GDM login screen.

  13. Python Wait Function – Alternative to Sleep for GTK


    A quick wait function that replaces the sleep function for PyGTK.

  14. PostgreSQL Insecure directory in $ENV{PATH} error


    PostgreSQL Insecure directory in $ENV{PATH} error.

  15. Text-based location (address) bar Ubuntu Lucid Lynx


    Three different ways to work around the new Nautilus location bar

  16. KDE Default Cursor After Installing Kubuntu on Ubuntu


    How to change the cursor theme back to default after installing Kubuntu from Ubuntu.